Cruz: Use El Chapo’s Drug Money to Fund the Border Wall

In light of the Democrat’s threats to shut down the government over funding of the border wall, Ted Cruz has proposed the “El Chapo Act” which would use the assets from convicted drug cartels to pay for the wall.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Cruz explained in detail.

“El Chapo led the Sinaloa drug cartel.  And you know, these drug cartels are the ones that are crossing the border.  They’re smuggling narcotics.  They’re engaged in human trafficking.  They’re engaged in murder and extortion and are violent criminals.  And there is a sense of justice – A sense of, this is what is right, that the people who are violating the border like crazy, we should use their ill-gotten gains to finally build the wall, and to finally ensure we have the assets to secure our borders.”


Saudi Arabia Elected to UN Commission on Status of Women

You really cannot make this stuff up.  Over at the failing MSNBC now, Greta Van Susteren laments on the latest U.N. move that flies in the face of realty.  Most of us are familiar with the fact that women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, but Greta puts it in real perspective, and adds other horrors including the idea that a woman there aren’t even allowed to seek medical attention without permission of their husbands.

Hey feminists – Where are the marches against this oppressive culture?


Ted Cruz Discusses Immigration and Healthcare With Local San Diego News Channel

In an interview with San Diego’s KUSI News this week, Senator Ted Cruz was asked to opine on many of the latest major issues.

Cruz spoke about sanctuary cities losing federal funding, and describes the absurd idea of border agents risking their lives to pursue and detain criminal aliens, only to have them quickly processed and released.  The interview also goes into the current state of Obamacare repeal and foreign policy, specifically regarding the threat of a nuclear North Korea.


Antifa Protester Violently Crushes Unsuspecting Victim Over Head With Bike Lock – OUTED AS COLLEGE PROFESSOR

Eric Clanton, Adjunct Professor at Diablo Valley College, has been outed by a group of folks at 4CHAN as the attacker in the video below.

In the footage, Professor Clanton cowardly hides behind a woman as he prepares his attack.  His victim is on his knees conversing, completely unaware of what is about to take place.  Suddenly, Clanton lunges and strikes the unsuspecting man over the head with a bike lock, then spinelessly scurries away as others rush to aid the bloodied victim.

We will watch to see what the future holds for this prof, but it cannot be good.


Here is how the folks at 4Chan brilliantly identified the attacker:

Illegal Human Trafficking Ring Shuttling From USA to Canada Uncovered

Rebel Media has published a report that includes very detailed footage of the trafficking of fake refugees across the USA/Canada border.  It is a chilling account that shows exactly how easy it is for terrorists to find safe harbor in Canada, and exposes the endpoint of a network of brokers and runners.

In the video below, you can watch direct footage of Illegals nonchalantly surrendering themselves to Canadian police in order to gain safe harbor in Canada.  It also includes footage exposing the role that local taxi companies play in selling illegal access into Canada for a fee.


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has basically invited the activity, putting both Canadians and Americans at great risk.

And despite the supposed good hearted intentions of the PM, a loophole has been created that opens the door for future attacks on innocent civilians.  Liberalism at its finest.

North Carolina GOP Plays Hardball Against ACC’s Partisan Politics on HB2

When the City of Charlotte’s Leftist city council passed an ordinance last year that would allow ANY man to LEGALLY enter and use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, the GOP controlled North Carolina State Legislature was forced to respond to the orchestrated and reckless political move.  Charlotte’s ordinance claimed to be about allowing trans-gendered persons the right to use facilities of their choice, but its own legal team had warned of an obvious loophole.  In the name of politics, the council ignored that warning, and passed an ordinance that would have given sexual predators the legal right to shower with little girls.

In response, the NC legislature passed House Bill 2, and the governor signed it into law.  “HB2” prevented cities like Charlotte from putting women and children at risk in such a manner.  But instead of being credited for their work to protect women and children in the state, Democrats successfully executed a fake, politically correct campaign, and accused the GOP as being anti-inclusive.  Just enough low information voters bought into the Dem’s scheme to make the campaign successful, and the governor who signed the bill into law was narrowly defeated.

As part of their campaign, Leftists in NC successfully pressured business and even sports organizations to boycott the state due to the passage of HB2.  The NCAA and ACC joined in that boycott, even though both are not to be participating in partisan politics due to their direct and indirect funding from tax payers.  Indeed, they both pulled championship events out of the state and warned of further boycotts.

Turns out though, some in the NC GOP are willing to fight back.

Charlotte Observer: After the ACC boycotted North Carolina over House Bill 2, a group of Republican legislators have filed a bill that would withdraw UNC system schools from any athletic conference that boycotts the state in the future.

House Bill 728 was filed this week by five GOP House members. If it becomes law, public universities would be required to immediately begin the process of leaving their athletic conference if the organization boycotts the state. Revenue from existing media rights contracts would be used to pay withdrawal penalties; the withdrawals would take place when the current contracts for media rights expire.


Milo vs CNN: Yianopoulos Posts Youtube Video of Interview with CNN

CNN did a hit piece earlier this year in which they tied Milo to white supremacists and other hate groups, but the number of viewers who saw the CNN rubbish most likely pale in comparison to the number that will view this behind the scenes video of the interview.  The video was posted on his YouTube channel less than two weeks ago, and already has north of 200,000 views.

In the interview, Milo took on the press and brilliantly leveled his usual attacks on social justice warriors.

Watch:  “MILO vs CNN: Dangerous Faggot Shuts Down Agenda-Driven CNN Reporter”

LIVE ON CNN, Syrian Calls Out Leftists; Begs Trump to Help Syrians Stay in Syria

You can safely say that this segment did not go as planned.

Midway through the interview of a survivor of the Syrian gassing in 2013, a clip of Hillary Clinton attacking Trump was played. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin could only sit and listen to what happened next as Kassem Eid provided a passionate response.  He condemned the fake outrage of Leftist demonstrators, asking where they were in the past to help Syrians when Obama was president.  He then praised Trump and expressed his gratitude for America.

Clearly and succinctly, Eid made the case that what Syrians need is not help in taking in refugees – but instead, the ability to safely stay in their homeland and not become refugees in the first place.